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Gov. Newsom Signs AB 1394, Enacting Strongest Law in the Nation Aimed at Combating Child Sex Abuse Material (CSAM)

For immediate release:
  • Erin Ivie
  • Director of Communications, Office of Assemblymember Buffy Wicks
  • 510-619-8495

SACRAMENTO – On Sunday, Governor Newsom signed AB 1394, enacting the strongest law in the nation aimed at combating child sexual exploitation and child sex trafficking online. 

The law will provide survivors of child sexual exploitation the ability to sue a social media platform for deploying features that were a factor in causing harm against them, and require the platforms to provide a mechanism for victims to report child sex abuse material (CSAM) in which they are depicted.

Included below is Assemblymember Buffy Wicks’ statement on the signing of AB 1394: 

"Governor Newsom's signing of AB 1394 further crystallizes California’s commitment to protecting kids in the online world, and sets a nationwide standard in the fight against child sex abuse material,” said Assemblymember Wicks (D-Oakland). “This law underscores our state's dedication to defending the most vulnerable among us, and sends a resounding message to other states and tech platforms that using the internet to exploit children will no longer go unchecked. We applaud Governor Newsom for his leadership in making the digital world safer for our children, and hope that this law will serve as a catalyst for change nationwide.”

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